AOMAC Services’s principal activities are the setup, ongoing administration, and management of assets, properties, and corporate entities in the US and overseas for both domestic and international clients. We are an experienced, customer-focused professional services firm located in the gorgeous beachside community of Naples, Florida. We pride ourselves on giving our clients individualized attention and the utmost care.

We were founded in 2004 by Tony Able, our chairman, to help his international clients and friends buy and manage assets in the US and abroad. Over the last 10 years we have grown into a seven-person central office with affiliated businesses worldwide. We now help both American citizens and foreign nationals in their quest to invest in businesses and properties locally and globally, mostly through the creation of tax-efficient corporate entities.

One of our signature services is providing administrative support to the corporations owned by our clients. We act as directors, secretaries, and managers and perform all the tasks required of those offices. We take care of all the meetings and paperwork that need to be completed to keep our clients’ companies in good legal standing. We presently manage a range of assets including luxury high-rise condos in Miami, annual and seasonal rentals in Naples and Marco Island, a commercial building in New York City that houses an international art gallery (along with several apartments), a London art gallery and its building, a shooting range in Florida, and a number of international-operating businesses. Historically, our clients have been predominantly wealthy individuals who want to own property and businesses in the US and abroad but, for various reasons, want them held through onshore and offshore companies and trusts. We have since broadened our reach to help anyone who wants to own a corporation or LLC for any reason here or overseas.
Tony Able, TEP

Tony, a native and resident of the English Channel island of Jersey, founded AOMAC Services in 2004 after selling his successful international trust company, Atlantique Trust Group, to IFG Group, a large financial services firm based in Dublin, with full market listings in London and Dublin. He has over 30 years of experience in providing trust and estate advice to a global clientele and carries the prestigious Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners professional designation (TEP).

Michael Chapman, CFA
Managing Director

Michael, a chartered financial analyst, joined AOMAC in 2014 after an 18-year career as an analyst and portfolio manager in institutional equity management with Private Capital Management, Invesco/AIM, JP Morgan-Fleming, and Gulf Investment Management. He brings a wealth of analytical experience and extensive knowledge of the capital markets, as he interviewed and evaluated thousands of businesses and their management teams. Michael was born in South Africa, raised in Australia and the United States, and now carries dual citizenship in the US and UK.

Evelyn Vineski, CPA (PA Inactive)
Director of Overseas/Offshore - Accounting Specialist

Evelyn is a certified public accountant registered in Pennsylvania with more than 21 years of public accounting and tax experience. She has held a variety of positions at prominent corporations including Price Waterhouse, Bell Atlantic, and Universal Health Services. She also has experience in the private sector, helping small businesses manage their tax burdens. Evelyn’s primary responsibility is facilitating the management of our clients’ overseas corporations.

Nyla Elman
Client Property Manager

Nyla manages the day to day operations of our clients’ property portfolios. She brings extensive operational experience having owned and managed restaurants and run a small insurance agency.

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