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AOMAC is a professional services company based in Naples, Florida, with global experience in finding, purchasing, and managing properties and businesses for US and international clients alike. Founded in 2004, we are a one-stop shop to help you set up and then manage your LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp. We create and register corporations domestically and overseas, supply accounting services through our affiliated CPA firm, provide ongoing administrative and consulting services, and more—all in a cost-efficient manner. Our team can also tailor any combination of listed services to suit your specific needs. We typically work with wealthy individuals who own property and businesses in the US and abroad but for various reasons prefer those assets to be held through onshore and offshore companies and trusts. That is where AOMAC comes in; we streamline the process and make sure the proper legal and administrative framework is in place so our clients are worry- and stress-free.

Officer Detail


In administering companies we can provide individual or corporate officers to perform statutory duties. A description of the duties and responsibilities of those positions follows:

Company Directors

AOMAC can provide individual or corporate directors who are responsible for the day-to-day management of a company. These directors shall have control over the financial transactions of the company and its assets and shall therefore, at all times, control any bank accounts relating to a company or entity under their direct supervision. Ultimately, since these directors are members of AOMAC’s team, AOMAC reserves the right to refuse to carry out any requests which AOMAC regards as unlawful or unreasonable, or which, in its opinion, is not in the best interests of the company, its shareholders, or associates.


Company Secretary

Arguably the most important administrative officer a company can have is the secretary. AOMAC can provide a company secretary to prepare the first board minutes and initial organizational matters of a company, including the creation of the statutory registers and issuance of shares. Ongoing duties of an AOMAC-appointed company secretary include the preparation and maintenance of minutes of meetings of directors and shareholders; the preparation of resolutions of directors and shareholders; and the filing of the information concerning a company’s activities and constitution (and amendments thereto) as required by a company’s legal domicile of incorporation. The secretary shall also advise a company of its liabilities to any statutory corporate filing fees or statutory indirect corporate franchise taxes, which may apply, but the secretary cannot give any advice on possible taxation liabilities that arise from the profits, gains, or other income of a company.

Nominee Shareholders

AOMAC can provide individual or corporate shareholders as nominees or bare trustees, who may, from time to time, be changed by AOMAC.


Registered Office/Registered Agent

AOMAC can provide a registered office or other local registered agent as required by law. AOMAC reserves the right to open and review all mail and other communications received for the company, without any liability for any loss occasioned by such a review.

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